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Communicator GO


Communicator GO empowers you to communicate and work better. As part of our Unified Communications PBXware package, Communicator GO is a versatile softphone that revolutionizes communications in modern workplaces.What can Communicator GO do for you? - Simplify and enhance business communications - Save time and money spent on communications - Encourage collaboration and productivity - What can you do with Communicator GO? - Make and receive calls for less or free - Transfer or hold calls - Receive a ‘call back’ if VoIP call quality is not satisfactory - Enjoy the same features and benefits at your desk, at home, or even across the world - Access and manage voicemail - Quickly view and use all company contacts - Use with a Bluetooth headset - Add users to favorites for easier access - Integrate with Android for easier dialing from other apps
Communicator is also available for Desktop and iPhone so all users are connected regardless of hardware or location.
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